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Roulette recommendations and guides

Welcome to our Roulette portal – a place where you can come to learn more about the game, pick up new strategies, and find the best Roulette bonuses on the internet. is an independent casino guide made by players, for the players. Check out our latest recommended casino offers in our bonus list, or browse through our articles to learn more about Roulette.

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Top tips to improve your free roulette game

A large part of gambling’s appeal is that it offers the prospect of making tons of money really quickly, or losing it just as fast. This thrill is what keeps a person coming back, and no game offers more excitement than online roulette. Whether you’re doing roulette free play or paying with cold, hard cash, there’s no denying the level of excitement that you feel when you watch the wheel spin, hoping every time that the ball lands in just the right spot. As random as online roulette seems, it’s not completely devoid of strategy. This guide aims to help you refine how your approach to this deceptively simple game; hopefully you’ll come out ahead more often than not once you apply what you’ve learned here.

Have a playing system in mindfree-dealer

What gamblers refer to as a system differs quite considerably from one person to the next. A few rely on the use of mathematical probabilities, but most base themselves in superstition and purported patterns that are simply the product of random coincidence. The best way to really find what works for you is to simply test them out. A popular option is the Martingale Betting system, but ultimately only you know what works for you. I strongly suggest making use of any roulette free play options – if your online casino advertises roulette free options, this is where you should test out your chosen system.

Europe trumps America

No, I’m not referring to any cultural or national differences here. What I mean is that European roulette has a lower house advantage than American roulette due to the fact that European roulette only has one zero. American roulette’s second zero means that the house edge for this format is twice that of European roulette. This is one of the easiest ways to boost your odds of success – take it whenever possible.

Take not of success

A free roulette game’s results are almost entirely rooted in luck – don’t beat yourself up if you lose a lot, and don’t develop an ego if you win a lot. Both scenarios are almost equally likely to happen (losing slightly more often due to the house edge), so don’t think that if you are winning now it’ll continue forever. Save half of everything that you win, so that if you lose your excess funds you’ll still walk away with more than what you had before.

Accept losses with grace

This is an extension of the above point – if you go on a long losing streak, it isn’t due to any sort of deficiency on your part. You have very little control over what happens, so accepting your losses with grace and a good sense of perspective will help keep your head level. Even more importantly, never fall victim to the sunk cost fallacy – a lot of gamblers wind up losing their life savings because they believe that they have to recuperate their losses by betting even more money. Don’t – accept the loss and move on. If you still want to play, take advantage of any free online roulette options at your disposal. You can choose from loads of great offers at!

Aim for the top

It goes without saying that you should never bet anything you can’t afford to lose, but there’s a kind of satisfaction that arises from a big win that small wins can never provide. If you’re feeling lucky and you have spare cash to burn, once in a while make that big spin. Who knows – maybe you’ll end up with a lot more cash than what you started with.

Enjoy the game

Lastly, enjoy the free roulette game you are playing. This is why a lot of people take advantage of roulette free play options – it’s an objectively fun game that entertains even when no money is on the line. Roulette isn’t a job – if you aren’t enjoying yourself, then why are you here?